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This is political or foreign affairs commentary.

The Detroit News: “How Congress Robs America Blind’

”  Peter Schweitzer is at it again. The Hoover Institution Fellow from Stanford University, who two years ago exposed the ability of Congress to engage in insider stock trading without penalty, now asserts that our elected representatives are lining their own pockets with campaign funds generated through contributions that are extorted from their donors….” To […]

The Blaze: “The Way Members of Congress Subsidize Their Lifestyles with political Contributions”

“… Most people believe political contributions cannot be used for personal expenses, CBS News’ Steve Kroft said.  And while this is mostly true, said Peter Schweizer, author and research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, there are ways for politicians to skirt the rules…” To Read the Full Article, Click Here.

San Francisco Chronicle: “An Upright Salute to Government Today”

“… The current state of Washington is pretty bad. A new book, “Extortion,” by Peter Schweizer of Stanford’s Hoover Institution, describes in detail how so-called leadership PACs, created as a way around the ethics reforms enacted in the last effort at clean government, provide Congress members with what amount to personal slush funds, with which […]

Washington Examiner: “Nancy Pelosi tops all others in fundraising; $52 million for Democrats”

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has blown away all competitors in the race to be the top congressional fundraiser, pulling down more than $52 million for Democratic candidates in 2012, or more than $120,000 for every congressional district, not including her own, according to a new investigative report. In so-called “dues” and other contributions required […]