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Schweizer to Spicer: Biden Family’s “Modus Operandi” Revolves Around Joe’s Political Positions

Sean Spicer and co-host Lyndsey Keith asked Peter about President Biden’s son, Hunter, whose business deals Peter documented in his bestselling book, “Secret Empires.” While Spicer was researching his own new book, he learned that Hunter had gone to work for the MBNA bank, the largest private employer in his home state of Delaware, right after he finished law school, staying there until 2001. MBNA promoted him to Executive Vice President. After he left, the bank continued to pay Hunter Biden consulting fees until 2005. Coincidentally, 2005 was also the year that his father, then Delaware’s senior senator, successfully passed a bankruptcy bill that made it harder for borrowers to discharge credit card debt as part of a bankruptcy proceeding. “Any coincidence there, at all? Spicer asks Peter.

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