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Schweizer Reveals BRAND NEW REVELATIONS about how the Biden family bagged $31 Million from individuals with direct Ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.

Schweizer Hits BOTH SIDES: How Congressional Leaders of both parties secured hundreds of millions of dollars in lucrative deals, courtesy of the Chinese government — and then pulled punches in their criticism of Beijing.

No One is Safe: Schweizer Exposes Wall Street, Big Tech, Presidential Families, Ivy League Universities, Professional Athletes and their willingness to sacrifice American strength and security for personal enrichment.

Meticulously researched, Red-Handed stayed atop the New York Times Bestseller List for ten weeks. Schweizer and his team of forensic investigators spent more than a year scouring global corporate records and legal filings to expose the hidden transactions China’s enablers hoped would never see the light of day. As always, without any anonymous sources but with more than a thousaand citations, Peter and the team at the Government Accountability Institute have done it again.

RED-HANDED unveils the never-before-reported finding that of the five deals the Biden family made in China. EVERY SINGLE ONE was with an individual with deep ties to the leadership of the CCP’s spy apparatus.

RED-HANDED uncovers how Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband partly owned a Chinese company that sold the American military equipment that allowed China to spy on U.S. servicemembers.    

RED-HANDED exposes how big tech giants like Google and Microsoft knowingly help the Chinese military compete with America.

RED-HANDED reveals the biggest names on Wall Street who get the inside track on billion-dollar deals in China while praising the Beijing dictatorship.

RED-HANDED rips back the curtain on the families of congressional leaders — Democrats and Republicans — who secured hundreds of millions of dollars in lucrative deals, courtesy of the Communist Chinese government — and then pulled punches in their criticisms of Beijing.

RED-HANDED details LeBron James’s hidden commercial deals with state-owned companies in China — and his surprisingly long history of avoiding criticism of the regime. 

RED-HANDED inspired GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy to promise congressional investigations into the Biden family’s ‘Red-Handed’ China deals, stating: “Peter’s book raises a lot of questions that need to be answered.”