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DOJ to face questioning on investigation into President Biden’s son

Best-selling author and GAI President Peter Schweizer comments on the DOJs on-going investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings stating, “The fact that Joe Biden is president of the United States and members of his family are under investigation… this cries out for the need for an independent counsel.” To Read the Full Article, Click Here.

‘The Biden Five’: The Definitive Breakdown of One of America’s Most Corrupt Families

GAI President and best-selling author Peter Schweizer explains the “Biden Five,” the members of the Biden family that have “monetized political connections and influence” because of Joe Biden’s political career. Schweizer first exposed the Biden Five’s corruption in his book, “Profiles in Corruption.” To Read the Full Article, Click Here.

Code Name ‘Project Hanson’: Insider Documents Reveal How Hunter Biden Associates Helped Chinese Military Contractor Acquire Michigan Dual-Use Manufacturer

GAI’s Peter Schweizer and Seamus Bruner expose how “the Obama-Biden administration approved the sale of a strategically sensitive Michigan manufacturer, Henniges Automotive, to a firm connected to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and a Chinese military contractor that was on an American watch list because of its close ties to the People’s Liberation Army.” To Read […]

‘This is China, Inc.’: Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s Associates Helped Communist-Aligned Chinese Elites Secure White House Meetings

GAI President and best-selling author Peter Schweizer and GAI Associate Director of Research and co-author of new book “Fallout” Seamus Bruner expose new emails from Hunter Biden’s and “his colleagues used their access to the Obama-Biden administration to arrange private meetings for potential foreign clients and investors at the highest levels in the White House.” […]