New York Times: “Questions About Use of Leadership Political Action Committees”

“A new book from a conservative advocate of tighter financial controls on members of Congress seeks to draw attention to a series of disclosures about their fund-raising activities – some potentially damaging, others certainly embarrassing – which could prove uncomfortable for some on Capitol Hill.

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One Response to “New York Times: “Questions About Use of Leadership Political Action Committees””

  1. knute alfredson October 25, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    The work of Peter Schweizer and others is a major reason we have started the American Term Limits Party in Massachusetts. We must have a War on Money in Politics. That war must be waged by a grass roots movement of moderates because it is definitely not in the interest of the Democratic or Republican parties.

    A Gallop poll recently revealed that 60% of voters want a 3rd major political party. A vast majority of voters want Congressional term limits. We need your support.

    Knute Alfredson
    Chair, American Term Limits Party

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